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Good News for Melanoma Patients

January 22, 2013

small_4083195888Having Melanoma on your skin is no joke. This skin cancer all starts with a clump of malignant skin cells that spreads and infects other skin cells over a period of time. They can be found mostly on any part of the human body, as well as in unusual places, such as the bowels and even the eye. While this is normally not that harmful in its beginning stages. It can be very fatal when it is not detected in its early phases.

Now, for the good news: there is now a drug that can combat late-stage melanoma quickly and efficiently. Vemurafenib is manufactured by Plexxicin and Hoffman-La Roche, and is beginning to show much promise in the research labs. In the trials that have put the drugs efficacy and safety to the test, the only two side effects that patients have mentioned were (1) arthalgia, or arthritic pain without the usual swelling with arthritis, and (2) lesions that may need to be removed surgically. However, the drug has shown positive results as far as disease combat is concerned.

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