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Tips for Protected Fun in the Sun

November 23, 2012

Summertime is the perfect time to hit the beach! (Or sometimes, a swimming pool!) Summer is the season where all the bikinis, inflatable pool toys, and scintillating dance tunes come out of storage. Summer evokes popular images from music videos – perfectly round booties, golden sun-tanned skin, and wet looks on ladies all around. Muscled dudes freely mack on the ladies, and and risk getting sand thrown at them and spoiling their tans. It’s a time for water sports, divebombs, and watching the molten-gold sun sink into the horizon.

Hold up – before you start shedding clothes and wriggling into your bikinis, have you out on your sunscreen yet? Sunscreen is essential to keeping your skin healthy through long sun exposure. In these cases, tanning lotion is just not enough. It is important to keep hydrated as well, and to seek shelter when the sun gets too hot. No sunburn, no heat stroke, no problem!

photo credit: WalterPro4755 via photopin cc

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